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The place where an immensity of green seems to merge with the sky

Katoomba is in Australia, and by the end of the nineteenth century it was a quiet place. In recent years, the number of tourists has been increasing. Learn why it’s a place to visit and find out what’s there to see.

Situated in one of Australia’s most popular tourist areas, the famous Blue Mountains, Katoomba is a city where culture and nature go hand in hand. Until 1880, it was a quiet place but, after World War I, it began to arouse the interest of curious visitors. In the streets, it is common to hear groups singing and singing, artisans and artists are just around the corner and the markets sell the best products of the region.

Chocolates, wines, nuts and tea are among the most sought-after tourist souvenirs in this city, which is part of the Cittàslow, a movement that apologizes to the places where you live in calm. And here even the clothing is slow since, instead of the large chains of clothing, are mainly vintage, retro and second-hand shops. But there are also many churches and small charming hotels to visit.

These, however, are far from being the great attraction of this city. The fans of nature and horticulture also find here reasons of interest. “The kitchen garden in every blue mountains home”, one of the initiatives of the movement, has endowed the houses of the city with a mini-vegetable garden with herbs and vegetables on the porch or in the backyard, making the streets of this city even more picturesque.

In addition to the trails that can be traversed in the Blue Mountains National Park, its Giant Stairway and the Three Sisters geological formations, the Narrow Neck Plateau, which has one of the best views of a vastness of green that seems to have no end, is another of the points required, as well as the Waradah Aboriginal Center. A contemporary art gallery that shows the best of Australian Arborian culture.

The Blue Mountains Cultural Center, another of the region’s cultural spaces, is also worth a visit. To satisfy your appetite, be sure to stop by the Blue Mountains Chocolate Company, located at 176 Lurline Street in Katoomba, just 200 meters from Echo Point, one of the region’s most famous belvederes. There you can sample more than 50 varieties of handmade chocolate, as well as local sweets and pickles.

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